Thank you for stopping by.

Hi! My name is Madison (she/her), but you can call me Maddi.

Raised in Maryland, I've lived in Colorado, South Dakota, and Germany. I now live in Philly (#GoBirds) with my husband, Shingo, and our two dogs, Millie and Alfie. After so many moves, Philly really is the place that feels like home.

That's me!

I have always had a love for photography and I feel privileged to bring my passion to life. I want photos that capture the genuine feeling of the moment and reflect the story of you.

An important aspect of photography is the client-photographer relationship. Let's be honest - having someone put a camera in your face and going "say cheese" can make anyone feel a little weird. Even if you're feeling awkward, don’t worry! I'll work some magic, throw a little humor in, and help you feel ready for the picture perfect moment.

Me, my husband Shingo, and our two pups.

I want you to rest assured that the photos are taken care of. I’ll put the work in ahead of time to make sure I can capture all of those candid moments you're hoping for, along with the family portraits you’ll want to share with mom, dad, grandma, the fam, etc.

Just be yourself; I'll handle the rest.

With love,